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How To Keep Compression Stockings From Rolling At The Top?

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How To Keep Compression Stockings From Rolling Down?

Compression stockings and compression garments overall are meant to stay up in order to successfully alleviate the the pain and swelling from varicose veins, spider veins, or any other circulatory issue. If they keep sliding down your legs you will not receive the benefits of wearing them.

There are many contributing factors as to why your compression stockings are slipping and once you identify it, you can stat troubleshooting!– here’s the top five reasons why this could be happening.

1. Your Compression Stockings Don’t Have A Non-Slip Band

Quality compression stockings for women will come with a non-slip band, as seen here, around your thighs. This band typically contains silicon bubbles or dots that facilitate them sticking onto your thigh for long periods of time, enduring even during exercise, walking and running.  Make sure you purchase your thigh high compression socks with the non-slip band. 

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2.Dirt, Oil, Sweat & Dead Skin

Dirt particles, body oils, dead skin and sweat can build up and collect on your compression stockings every time you wear them, especially if you like to use compression socks under workout clothes and end up sweating on them. These particles, like the ones found in sweat, can affect the elasticity of the threads and the silicon that keep the stockings in position.

If you know your skin is paricularly oily, or you have been sweating profusely, you should consider washing your stockings. You will discover that the elastic bands tend to regain their elasticity as soon as you wash and dry them. You should note however, you can wash and reuse your compression stockings for a period, but eventually the bands lose their elasticity from natural wear and tear. 

3. Wrong Washing Methods

One of the keys to keeping your compression stockings reusable is to wash them in the washing machine by themselves. The wringing action amongst multiple items of clothing in the washing machine causes the stockings to lose their elasticity and the threads to run down the length of the stockings.

Now if you are really committed to having those stockings last, then hand washing your compression stockings is the best way to go!

  • Use warm water and mild washing soap. Some harsh detergents may damage the threads of your  compression stocking.
  • Do not use any bleach or fabric conditioner as they also damage the fabric.
  • Use a towel to pat the stockings dry rather than wringing them  or putting them in the dryer because that will stretch the fabric.
  • You can also lay them flat to dry.
  • Extra tip: Clean the silicone bands with the use of cotton balls dipped in alcohol at least once or twice a week. Regular washing does not remove all the dirt from the silicone band. The alcohol solution dislodges the stubborn dirt particles for easy removal. A clean silicone band hangs onto the legs longer than a dirty silicone band.

4. Wrong Sized Stockings

It is possible you are wearing the wrong size of compression stockings. Some people mistakenly choose bigger sized stockings for their ease of wearing and this makes the stockings unable to compress the legs effectively. If your legs aren’t compressed, then there’s no point in wearing the stockings. They shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight so that you can’t move around with ease, but they shouldn’t be loose either.  If you have slightly bigger stockings than your ideal size, the stockings will keep sliding down the legs as the elastic bands are not tight enough to wrap around your legs or thighs. 

Always buy compression stockings according to the circumference of your leg. They may feel a little tight when you start wearing them, but they tend to loosen up after  a few times. 

You should either measure the circumference of your legs or try this compression stockings size finder for a quick and accurate measuring before buying compression stockings.

If you are in the process of either loosing or gaining weight, make sure you buy new compression stockings accordingly. 

5. Oiling Or Creaming Your Legs

If you like to apply a moisturizing cream or oils on your legs before wearing compression socks, your skin will become oily or slippery, preventing the stockings from sticking onto your skin, knees and thighs.  

Compression stockings should always be up your legs for you to experience their benefits, especially if you suffer from varicose veins, spider veins, or chronic venous insufficiency. Make sure you purchase stockings with a silicon band for optimal use, and make sure you wash them and take care of them properly.